A lawsuit against Apple and Samsung to exceed the radiation their phones to the limit

Law firm filed a U.S. lawsuit against both Apple, andSamsung, claiming that independent tests indicate that the radiation level of RF in the modern smart phones of the two companies “exceeded the allowable limits federal” when used “as a market by two companies of the manufacturers”.

The basis of the lawsuit – that brought by the company Fegan Scott based in the city of Chicago – to last August, when I started a newspaper (The Chicago Tribune) Chicago Tribune an investigation into the levels of radiofrequency radiation produced by smartphones.

A lawsuit against Apple and Samsung to exceed the radiation their phones to the limit

Hired press laboratories accredited to test many of the smart phones according to the guidelines of the federal and found that some of the iPhone of Apple to emit radiation of radio frequencies that exceed the limits of safety. What was the Apple TV however, opposed the results, said in a statement: the test was not accurate “because of the lack of preparation of the test in accordance with the procedures required to evaluate the models of iPhone properly”.

At that time, said Federal Communications Commission FCC: it will launch an investigation into the results, following on from the publication of the newspaper (Chicago Tribune) their results, and pledged the law firm Fegan Scott launched their own investigation into the allegations.

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Recruited company Fegan Scott laboratories certified by the Federal Communications Commission to conduct their own tests for six models of smart phones at distances ranging from zero to 10 millimeters to measure the radiofrequency radiation emitted when touch or close to the body.

After testing, the lab said: he’s after mm, it was a phone (iPhone 8) Apple, and(Galaxy S) Samsung “more than twice the exposure limit of the federal”, and at the distance of zero millimeter, it was the phone (iPhone 8) “five times the allowable for federal”.

After receiving the results, the company decided Fegan Scott formal complaint was filed against both Apple and Samsung, include the following phones: (iPhone 7 Plus), and(iPhone, 8), and(iPhone 10 silenced AR), and(Galaxy S), and(Galaxy S), and(Galaxy S).

The lawyer said (broadcast Vegas): “I changed the smart phones of Apple and Samsung the way we live. Wake up adults and adolescents and children to their email or play games, exercise or school on their smart phones. They carry these devices in their pockets all day, and when you sleep the phones with them in their beds literally”.

He added: “Tell the manufacturers to the consumers that it is safe, so we realized that it is important to choose the exposure to radiation of the radio frequency and see if this is true. That wasn’t true. The results confirm the Independent that the levels of wireless radiation exceed the exposure limit of the federal government, and beyond in some cases by 500%, when used phones in the way that we are encouraged by Apple and Samsung, the consumers deserve to know the truth”.

According to the company Fegan Scott, the test conducted by the laboratory, reflects a “conditions of actual use” instead of “tape developed by manufacturers”, which means that the test was not conducted probably in the same way in which Apple chooses to own internal.

However, it should be noted that there is no evidence that the radiation level of RF over the border the feds have the ability to cause harm, so consumers should not feel concerned at this time.

The apple she advises clients worried about the exposure to radiation of the radio frequency to use phones with external speakers, has included some models of the iPhone six in the evening of the campaign recommended, says Apple: it’s better to carry my phone (iPhone 4), and(iPhone 4) at a distance of 10 millimeters, there was a suggestion of a similar phone (the iPhone 7).

And a lawsuit to get compensation from Apple in addition to the funds to pay the costs of medical monitoring.

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