A lawsuit against Apple due to a fire a deadly caused by the iPad

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Due to the fact that the majority of our electronic devices operate using lithium ion batteries, they come with the risk of exposure to burn in any moment. In the majority often don’t see it, but when it happens, it is possible to be disastrous.

This is the case in the year 2017 where the cause your iPad a fire led to the death of a man. It now appears that this man’s wife decided to file a lawsuit against Apple because of ” the illegal“, and ” strict liability for products “. Unfortunately, the details of the fire are unclear at the moment, so we can’t say for sure what happened or the thing that was the real reason behind the fire.

However, we must point out that it is not to far to call for any iPad because of the existence of a risk of combustion, so there’s a chance that this will be an isolated incident. As we have said, many of the devices that we have today use lithium ion batteries that can cause such incidents. Samsung is well aware of this problem after put by Battery Galaxy Note 7 combustible in a pretty big scandal, although they were able since then to recover from the effects of that incident.

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