A leak suggests that Huawei will offer a series Mate30 in the markets of Central Europe

Applies to tomorrow, the 19th of September the conference of Huawei in the city of Munich for the official announcement about the series phones Mate30 in the new details published today pointed out that Huawei will not provide records new to the markets of Central Europe after the declaration made in Germany.

Came new leaks today via sources familiar with the plans of Huawei, where indicated to be new versions of phones Mate30 will not be available for users in central Europe.

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Did not confirm Huawei even now on the markets that will apply to series phones next Mate30, but the latest leaks suggest that Huawei will offer three versions of phones Mate30, the وMate30 Pro, وMate30 Lite to the markets of Central Europe.

And Huawei accounted for a large share of sales in most markets are European, where she managed to get Huawei to be one of the main manufacturers of phones landed without the market of the United States of America a great support for the Chinese giant.

The impact of the U.S. ban on Huawei significantly in the recent period, particularly with the blocking of Google services on the new versions of company which will certainly affect the interest of users to new versions, particularly in the European market.

On the other hand, pointed out some leaks to that Huawei will versions this year of the series Mate30 Android 10, also supports phones processor chip Kirin 990 eight nuclei, while some suggest that the absence of Google services and update Andre will push Huawei to use the operating system of its own in the end.


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