“A little crazy”, but SpaceX will slow the falling stage, the balloons

SpaceX is actually planning to restore all the stages of the rocket, not just the first, and this may need non-standard moves. Elon Musk announced that his company will try to slow down the upper stage of the rocket, using a “giant balloons for the party” — and Yes, he admits that it sounds a little crazy. While many reported, but we know that the Mask words in the wind drops, though sometimes his decisions are delayed in implementation.

If the system works, SpaceX will receive several benefits. As of 2018, the launch of the Falcon 9, given the landing of the first stage cost the company 62 million dollars. If she will be able to safely slow down and recover the upper stage by using relatively low-cost option like a ball, it will not only reduce costs, but will make startups more attractive to customers. Everything will be eco-friendly (dead rocket will burn up in the atmosphere or sinking in the ocean) and beautiful. However, sounds quite unusual.

Later Musk added that the ball must reduce the ballistic coefficient of the stage (its ability to overcome air resistance) on the “two order”, while retaining its shape “in all modes of the Mach”.

Jokes about the trampoline is now more relevant than ever. Because Musk said so! From Twitter:

— It may seem a little crazy, but…

— SpaceX will attempt to bring down the upper stage of the rocket with the orbital velocity with the help of a giant balloon for parties.

— And put her on a trampoline a town.

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