A look at smart devices that may see the light of day during the Fair of Barcelona for phones MWC

معرض برشلونة MWC

معرض برشلونة MWC

Not embraced the Las Vegas Electronics Show CES 2018, the annual, is now on the city of Barcelona organized an annual exhibition of smart phones MWC which will start its activities this year from 26 February until 1 March.

Succeeded Samsung snatched the limelight before the show, the company announced that it will be about the new generation of phones “Galaxy S 9” during the conference, determine that a place a key between the participants. According to rumors, the device will Camera New able to capture the dimensions of the elements, depth, with improvements on the sensor and infrared lighting for better images in low light conditions.

In addition to the foregoing, it will transfer the fingerprint sensor and place it the bottom of the camera, with the use of a slightly bigger battery to provide longer usage period in cooperation with the operating system and improvements that the company intends to adopt.

The company LG, they are going to use the knowledge also to reveal a new flagship phone is the LG V30s, which phone will come with a camera have improved also with intelligent algorithms to identify objects using a digital assistant, to protect the device The design of the V30.

And Nokia to participate this year with a strong style of its participation last year, they are going to -according to rumors – disclosure of improved versions of Nokia 6, 7 and 8, with a new phone is the Nokia 9, except that those things remain without assurances even now waiting for the next few days that precede the exhibition.

Finally, it is also expected to reveal the BlackBerry for a new range of smartphones not made it back albeit humbly to the smartphone market after relying on the Android system and touch screens, providing the keyboard in some other devices similar to the KeyOne.

Will be installed Qualcomm in the stomach thanks to its new “Snapdragon 845”, which will be a large array of smart devices this year, without forgetting the 5G that the development of their brackets Qualcomm and Intel, some companies may reveal smart phone ready with the new generation.

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