A look at the bracelet, “Panda 3” from Microsoft, which won’t reach the markets

باند 3 مايكروسوفت

باند 3 مايكروسوفت

I got a Windows Central on the version of the bracelet “Band 3” Band 3 from Microsoft, which the company announced to stop development of fully withdrawing it from the market for smart devices wearable.

According to the website, the bracelet came with the same design of the gene that causes it, “Panda 2”, with some improvements in the installer, which became smaller and less thickness. It also lifted Microsoft’s resistance to the bracelet, waterproof to become appropriate for use during the race.

The company is keen to provide the “panda 3” sensors to read blood pressure, with the other to measure the temperature of the blood, and therefore the user gets a comprehensive idea about the state of his health when you stop for example.

And the bracelet battery capable of running for 48 hours with the possibility of charging them in just one hour. As for the screen, it is AMOLED, accuracy, 180 320x pixels slightly curved perfect wrist of the hand.

As is the case in most of the smart watches, the Microsoft to provide the “panda 3” a range of sensors such as acceleration, altitude, and navigation to determine the geographical location of the GPS, in addition to the light sensor to ultraviolet irradiation also, another one to measure the heartbeat scan.

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