A loophole in Android Leaks all your data and take screenshot without your knowledge!

According to researchers from the company “Trend Micro”, there are software malicious -or gap – began to spread among the users, namely the name “CallerSpy” and that gap exists mainly to attract data users and collected, especially that the gap is able to capture screen shots without your knowledge and confirmation of free holes or controlled will have access to meet the the screen that.

ثغرة لقطة الشاشة أندرويد

Gap (malware) on the Android that allows to take screen shots and send them to the hacker

The good news is that this gap is not present in any app or service available from the Play Store, but the wellspring of the spread core are files الـAPK found on the internet so you must be careful caution when you download apps from stores outside.

Gap available in the application that supports Chatrious a position similar to the way Google in website design services and this is only to convince users that the site and the app subsidiary of Google which it is not, of course.

ثغرة لقطة الشاشة أندرويد

Once installed this gap and problem in the application of Chatrious or another application that supports the Apex you’ll see the gap immediately collect all your data and send it to the servers, your hacker, also say that malicious software taking screen shots fast and accurate while writing passwords on services such as PayPal! So, of course, to sell it or use it.

Beware from this app and from downloading and installing any APK files! We participated in the comments do you think the impression you about this story..

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