A loophole in Facebook lead to the diversion of data to millions of users!

Know almost to 7 million users on the social networking site Facebook to the leaking of their personal data and specifically their own photos as the website announced.

ثغرة في فيسبوك تؤدي إلى تسريب بيانات ملايين المستخدمين!
A loophole in Facebook lead to the diversion of data to millions of users!

Delivery was via some of the applications authorized to access to the images has caused a gap in their access to images was not allowed to see them as instances of “see” images that the user uploaded without sharing with the rest of the users.

According to the website TechCrunch, that happened in the month of September last, the company will alert users who know their pictures to cross that gap, while Will Facebook also scans those images from its own servers.

The estimated number of applications that are allowed access to photos like that wrong to about 1500 applications, so if you receive an alert you have to follow the instructions, as well as modify your privacy settings for your account to prevent any extraneous applications and access to your data on Facebook anyway.

My grandfather mentioning that this is not the first time that you access the user data in this format endangerment on Facebook, and still echoes of the scandal of the site with Cambridge set the Loom has been employed that data for political purposes.

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