A loophole in my version iOS 12.0.1 and iOS 12 allows anyone to send pics to your phone though lock it

ثغرة في نسختي iOS 12.0.1 وiOS 12 تسمح لأي شخص إرسال صور هاتفك رغم قفله

Apple updates the iOS operating system 12 a week ago after the many problems encountered in the system of shipping problems and communication in the iPhone Xs or gaps in the statute, to provide the company the release version of iOS 12.0.1 to problems; however, it was unable to do so to the fullest.

According to a security researcher, protection, the Spanish José Rodríguez, there is a loophole in the operating system allows anyone to access the user’s photo and send it to anyone else via Apple’s Messages without the need permissions phone. As the gap even if the device is locked completely all means of protection provided to the Apple TV.

Is considered the only possible way to stop such a breach, is to turn off the auto reply messages on or off calls voice assistant Siri being a hack is done by the assistant to the Apple TV, which can be the inventor from access to the device is unlocked.

Is it through a call and then use the audio plugin, or by clicking on the option of the messages on the screen of the trafficking phenomenon and then choose the ” custom” or specific, then the user will be able to browse the pictures and send them to the other device without the need to open the lock.

It can be said that the hack is possible for anyone, but it needs great concentration and links between similar 10 steps to complete the process, which means the difficulty of the command in Normal mode to do this quickly.

Recall that all devices running the latest two versions of the operating system Battle for that matter.

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