A malicious message causes the collapse of the PlayStation 4 here are ways to avoid them

Careful several of the users devices PlayStation 4 on Reddit and various social networks from a malicious message causing the freeze and the collapse of the organs of the PlayStation, have to a factory reset to the device to its natural state.

It seems that the message is in Spanish and means: you play?

If what is trading users true it is expected to steal the Sony in addressing the problem through a firmware update as it is known from the police launch speed updates which focus on improving performance and stability.

Even know Sony on the problem, here are some effective steps to protect the organs of the PlayStation 4 from the message malware that may use them from your opponents games or of the strangers:

1) delete the message from your phone

Don’t open the message or try to delete it from your PlayStation 4, but you must delete it through the messaging app from Sony available free for both Android and iOS.

2) restrict the receipt of messages to friends only

Go to Settings, Personal Information, and then the messages on your page the location of the Sony, it is advised to the amendment on who can receive messages “to friends only” or “no one” until you resolve the problem. Also you can restrict the messages also come in to Settings > Manage Account > Privacy Settings > Personal Information > messages.

3) create a new database

If you received the message and became come from the pool and PlayStation 4 and you want to perform a factory reset for the consequent loss of all stored data, it is advised to follow the advice of Sony in such cases, a device driver in Safe Mode (Safe Mode) and then create a new database (Rebuild Database): you can follow the guide to the Sony here.

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