A man found on the computer, the Apple IIe 30 years old still works

There are many things in our lives are forever linked to childhood: for example, a favorite toy, or book chapter first, and other.

For most of us, these things are lost forever, but not so for Professor John Pfaff, who recently participated with the world pictures computer Apple Old Apple IIe works perfectly as if new, he bought his father when he was young.

I know of

The device was the content of the images and games that he liked her at that time, and posted on Twitter throughout the night of Saturday last pictures of all of the processes that still device able on their performance.

Through his surprise, enthusiasm, wrote John: “I introduced the disc to the old game, he asked the machine if you want to restore the settings of a saved game, the game still actually exists! I usually 10-year-old again.”

Used John Pugh his game saved from the “land of adventure”, which was launched in 1978, bringing you his mind on how to continue, wrote: “What do I do after that? This is difficult, because after 30 years I can’t quite remember where I left the tour of Adventureland”.

It is worth mentioning that computer, the Apple IIe was the second model of the series of the Apple II, was released in 1983. The description of this version, then features like: the ability to use uppercase and lowercase letters, and full functions keys Shift وCaps Lock, but all models of this computer antique discontinued in 1993.

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