A massive leak that affects 2.6 million password 3000 application on the phone

In the new diversion does not seem to hin, leaked data on a large number of users due to errors in the tuning database بـFirebase, according to a report from Appthority via the website Xda Developers famous.

Is considered to Firebase within months tools applications that are used in the development of websites and smartphone applications to add a number of special features correspondence, notices, and authentication, but unfortunately a large number of developers who use the platform to Firebase I don’t do all the required steps to provide maximum safety, according to a new report.

Team discovered Appthority more than 3000 application to leak data after a search through 2.7 million apps on Android and iOS, where the leak of this apps data from 2300 server not locked. Numbers explained team Appthority that the data in 100 million records and the size of 113 GB has been leaked already without the knowledge of users.

Unfortunately this data includes 2.6 million passwords for users with Identification Number of each of them, next to 4 million registered private data private health users, with 25 million registered places on the الGPS, 50 thousand private registration financial statements 4.5 million access code private Facebook or LinkedIn or others. The access code or the Access Token is a large group of numbers and letters user stay in control of his account and its data access and was developed to enable different applications to control the user’s account on the platform.

And the size of the downloads that I got the application that leaked the data says Appthority that ب620 million download. Got health apps, sports, the lion’s share, which is a pity as these data do not seem less important and confidential data of your bank accounts a lot of times.

At the same time the team confirmed that it’s informing Google about it with the Send list of applications until you deal with it. And get a list of applications that are caused are but advised the team to review the powers which are given to good relations to assess the damage, and certainly you don’t have to give a lot of data to the application if not necessary.

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