A memo leaked from Google explains the mechanism of action of Chinese search engine “Dragonfly”

مذكرة مسربة من قوقل توضح آلية عمل محرك البحث الصيني "دراجون فلاي"

It became known that Google would like to enter the Chinese market again via a search engine controlled and knowledge is currently known as the Dragonfly, and has leaks in this regard the beginning of August, which was denied by the company’s CEO, Sendai Bischoff then stated that it did not regard to the phase of preparatory in its response to criticism in this regard, even out leaks last week that Google to link Chinese search engine phone numbers of users to track their movements.

Today revealed a special note according to The Intercept about the new details about the mechanism of tracking Dragonfly users in China, where it requires the login by the user, it will let this process needs IP address and location information of the user in addition to all search operations conducted by the links that someone clicks on it also.

And therefore will store all of this information in the servers of internet especially in Taiwan, allow back and watch all the activity of the user in detail when needed, which in turn will be available for access by others, Chinese censorship, and did not write the note that it made clear to the Chinese partner, he can ban sites and add them to the Black List, and in the search results of one side and some of the controls also.

This note had been sent especially to the engineers working on Project Dragonfly, from Google, to it arrived to the number of the last of the staff accidentally, which sparked the anger of officials in a company where the Human Resources section of the communion with them via email and ordered them to delete the note from their devices.

The memo leaked from Google explains the mechanism of action of Chinese search engine “Dragonfly” appeared first on the tech world.

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