A new app to turn Android phones and iOS devices directly to Windows 10 !

Microsoft announced at its annual conference in New York City for a new feature up to Windows 10 allows users to run and view the screens of their phones on the desktop, and interact with programs and applications.

That feature or new app that supports Your Phone app is like those applications that allow running some phone software on the computer screen, but without the need for external software or connections and the steps of the complex.

The beginning of the show the app with the phone running Android and parade video demonstrates the possibility to reply to messages directly from the desktop, as well as the interaction with the images and drag and drop pictures to and from your phone directly without the need for any connections USB and other as we see in the video:

It announced the Microsoft app’s ability to transfer web pages from the iPhone to the desktop of Windows 10 so that you can continue where you left off on iPhone.

The company says that the new feature will be available now with Update October new for Windows 10, and although it is currently displaying messages, photos, just of Android transfer web pages from the iPhone, but that app will receive continuous updates to support Android apps fully, as Microsoft said, without disclosing whether the users of iPhone will get any additional features of the mobile app in the future.

The app is now available on the Google Play Store and you can get it from here .

But note that the app only works with the update the new Windows 10, and you can’t run it if you have an older version of Windows.

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