A new application to follow the addiction to the smartphone Phone Usage Monitor

App Phone Usage Monitor gives you the possibility to search the data to find out the amount of time the battery life which is wasted on a daily basis.

We can say that smart phones are the most addictive, which appeared in human history at all, so that these devices have become embedded in our lives that it’s difficult to know the number of times that we checked it.

And what drives us continuously to use the phone is the sheer number of applications, as it has In most of us dozens and even hundreds of apps installed on the phone, so that lead the continuous improvement of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, youtube, emails and other applications to increase the time use the screen.

Here comes the role of a new app named Phone Usage Monitor, designed by one of the members of the XDA forum, where the app works to track The extent of use of the device, and any apps that are used more than others.

This app gives you the ability to search the data to find out the amount of time the battery life which is wasted on a daily basis, as it has the app features two main The first is called the statistics of use of applications, which perform very simple and is decided by the number of times the check application on your phone, so that it can show the amount of time you wasted on apps like Facebook and twitter on a daily basis.

In overlooking the water of the second “device events”, so that they can develop a Phone Usage Monitor keep track of all the other ways that you use your smart phone, with a note every time you turn on the screen and connecting to a wireless Wi-Fi and connect your device to a charger and more things.

After a few days of tracking, you may notice you’re constantly running the screen for no reason, or that the phone keeps trying to connect to the public wifi, which causes the wastage of the device’s battery, here helps you figure it out, so that you may find some habits that need to be repaired.

It should be noted that the application of Phone Usage Monitor is still in the experimental stage, which means that it may not be fairly stable, but you can get it installed and try it for free through the Google Play Store: Click here, with the option to upgrade to a version free of ads for $ 1.99 USD.


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