A new crisis? Phone Note 9 keeps the inside of the bag lady

Not that we can never happen with a phone Note 9 of the new Samsung ‘s what happened with the phone Note 7. New phone bought within the bag lady the beginning of this month and she doesn’t want to dispense with their right.

She said the lady who lives in New York City, it’s on the second of September I found a phone of its new Galaxy Note 9 has suffered from the hottest great, Where Did you write it and put it in her bag to hear the sound of combustion after a and thick smoke comes out of the bag that the phone was suspected inside. It’s all according to what she said by a new lawsuit against the company Samsung is South Korean.

Said Mr. during the proceedings, which was submitted to Queens she had emptied what was inside the briefcase in the elevator but that didn’t put out the fire where people have been kept holding on the phone until one of the passers-by Put phone in water turn off the fire.

The company Samsung has suffered in the 2016 of the explosion of phones Note 7 due to a defect in the battery led to the ignition of the phones prompted the company to stop production of the phone and pull it from the markets fully, with compensation to users.

Despite expectations of decline in Samsung’s sales at this time only that the company was able to refer strongly phones Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Plus which has achieved large sales VERY to keep company with Note 8 and phones Galaxy S9 but without the zoom sizes of the batteries in such phones to keep the police safe.

It’s not missionary, it’s just that Note 9 is the first phone of Samsung to put a large battery since the phone Note 7, where the phone comes with a battery 4000 mah after the continuity of the company, not to enlarge their batteries.

We certainly hope this situation is not repeated and to be an isolated incident. as if this a revolution in the Samsung would be significantly reduced as to the safety of everyone also come before it.

Comes phone Note 9, which was unveiled last August with the cooling water set by Samsung for the first time beside a number of technical specifications of very beginning of the power on state of the camera pen new Touch which offers new advantages for the first time.

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