A new design for the Google Play Store is now available officially for all

Google Play Store

The company Google today officially launched the new design for the Google Play Store all Android devices. Launched a new design for a limited number of users two days ago, but it was now available to everyone.

Depends the design of the Google Play Store’s new design language, improved Material Design which was introduced by the US company Google for the first time at its annual conference for developers Google I/O, 2018 in the past year. Over the past months, I worked Google to bring the design language of the new improved slowly but surely for all applications and services of their own, now is the time to follow the Google Play Store to come out the same treatment.

The main change in this design is to change the position of the tabs. In the past, these were the tabs at the top and is designed when phones were smaller. However, the difficult access to these tabs in the phones biggest. Proposed design Material Design New Tab in the bottom similar to the iOS system, and thus became the categories of the main application at the bottom. On tablet devices, to show these categories on the left in the horizontal position.

Still sub-categories at the top, but is not used frequently, so they are considered less important. You can no longer scroll sideways to move through them, which is good because the app already contains a lot of controls side.

Apart from that, the app now all-white, with the addition of some simple colors to categories. While this makes the app seem too bright, but the White material makes the app looks much better when it is transformed to the color black using the night mode ” Dark Mode ” in Android Q.

Other changes considered to be more accurate, such as the provision of more space between the elements, the lack of granularity between elements, increase white space and use of a new line, giving the application the appearance of the elegant and fashionable generally. Overall, the new design is now available to everyone, so if you have a device with Android, open the Google Play Store to try it yourself.

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