A new feature added by Apple in iphone 11

A new report from Macotakara said that Apple add support for audio Bluetooth dual 11 iPhone killer, it can lead the output of the Bluetooth Dual-to enable two people to listen to music from the same phone.

By connecting two sets of devices AirPods at one time, at the moment the program supports iPhone connect to profile one voice at a time, you can pair the headset to multiple but can not sound to come out of one group.

Supports iphone 11 multiple connections of different kinds already; for example it is possible to be connected to the headphones and the Apple Watch at one time, support Bluetooth dual already some Android devices, the example that I talked about Macotakara report is that 11 iPhone can be connected to a car wireless headphones send voice messages to the vehicle speakers, while sending the music to the headphones also.

As evidenced by the current applications on the Samsung phones, you can suffer the situation of dual photo Bluetooth of sync issues, but Apple asserts that the problem does have, it can be a Dual Bluetooth Audio is a great way for you and a friend to listen to the same thing with, where you are combining two sets of AirPods once

Cargo duo in the iphone 11

ميزة جديدة سوف تضيفها آبل إلى iphone 11 القادمA new feature will you add Apple TV to iphone 11 template

Also expected to add Apple wireless charging duo to your iPhone 11, this would enable users to recharge AirPods quickly by putting it on the back of their phone, and share the energy of the battery iPhone, this it is expected the announcement of the lineup the new iPhone in the autumn, most likely at a media event in September, referred often to the Bluetooth feature the Bluetooth Audio as a feature of the Bluetooth 5, the In theory it seems that Apple may add this feature to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X and iPhone XR and iPhone XS with the software update.

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