A new feature from Samsung may change the way you watch your TV

Company plans to Samsung to provide a new solution to view content from a device to another device faster and easier, where I made the giant South Korean on 5 December 2019 request to the intellectual property office European Union European EUIPO in order to obtain a patent for a new technology called Samsung Tap View.

This describes the application of new technology Samsung Tap View as the program has the ability to transmit and display the screen of portable devices on the TV screen to click through on mobile devices on TV, so that technology works with TVs, smartphones, and tablets and smart watches and smart glasses.

And the owners of smart phones from Samsung a number of options to the current transfer the contents of the phone screen on the TV, a Samsung, solutions include service AllShare Cast from Samsung, in addition to the application of SmartThings, which comes with Screen Mirroring compact.

As Apple users have their own solutions like the transfer feature to screen in addition to put AirPlay, as there is a way to transfer content to TVs Sony Screen Mirroring using NFC sticker.

Assisted systems such as Miracast or Chromecast to make mirroring more smoothly, but you may need to have some experience in dealing with it adjust the settings of the wireless network or login to a user account in Google, according to Samsung Tap View, it is clear the possibility of the display screen of several mobile devices on your TV, without the need to connect to the wireless network, what means that the process has become less complicated.

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Recall that the supposed venue of the Consumer Electronics Show the annual CES 2020 early next year in Las Vegas, where will be Samsung unveiled models feature its new smart for the first half of 2020, it is clear that it will feature Samsung Tap View at the time.

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