A new feature in Instagram to put his in a dedicated place away from the description

خاصية جديدة في انستقرام لوضع الهشتاغ في مكان مخصص بعيداً عن الوصف

Modify the properties and updates the long-Instagram in the recent period, updates on the posters, stories and misappropriation, to the posters questions, it seems that it’s time to find out is hosting who has always been a mess when you add it to the content of the company’s supplement article published by the users on the product, re-arrange, organize and use it in a custom place.

And he came to talk about the new feature by the researcher revealing the secrets of the applications in the website Techcrunch Jean Wong, where can I up to copy a model containing a specific hashtag by code your app by Android, where shown to contain the fabric on the icon ” Add a hashtag”, and the option to separate under the description, illustration and the option of adding the following, and Instagram on this matter, as it is not known when going to Instagram this feature or even if you choose the current situation.

instagram hashtag

This step will keep the company illustration a more regular away from the flow of and chaos caused by his in the heart of words, in addition to being a new body will allow the user to watch many of the publications of any collaboration is interested in, and most of all your friends who use his directly under the description causing chaos in the content of the demo, you won’t be obliged to see this again with the launch of a specific his new.

The new feature in Instagram to put his in a dedicated place away from the description appeared first on the tech world.

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