A new feature in messaging app of Android to facilitate the process of search

ميزة جديدة في تطبيق رسائل أندرويد لتسهيل عملية البحث

Launched Google a new update to apply the default message on the Android system, so as to facilitate the process of search and access to any part of the conversations easy without the need for the traditionally older messages in conversations.

With this update the user will be able to search for images, videos, or words written by selecting the person’s name in the conversation, and then the quality of the content you want to search, or to write any words related to the letter of the former.

This feature is considered an important addition to develop messages Android from Google, but at the same time is considered a feature of late compared to the messaging application famous like there, and maybe seek Google to improve the level of their application and bring in more users by offering such advantages.

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