A new feature in the Google Play help by providing space for storage on your phone

Released Google a new update to follow Google Play the feature to help you free up space on your phone. New feature called “Free Up Space” and can be accessed directly through the pages of my apps are “My Apps and Games” as it appears in the photo and allow a user to better control the storage capacity of the phone. Will Google Play offer existing applications on your phone ranked as the most consumed storage with the availability to choose more than one application and uninstall them at once, which is an update for the removal of the application of the already existing pleasure, but this time be more effective. Added another feature, namely the “Subscriptions” or contributions which placed district in the apps and TV shows and games on the app store, it will show the new entry under my apps are “My apps and games” as it appears in the pictures, will feature “Subscriptions” on the users a lot of effort to remember the number of subscriptions and the dates of renewal of each of them individually. Launched Google updated Google Play already since yesterday but its not up to all the users yet as it will take a few days to reach all devices. Source: AndroidPolice

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