A new feature of Android 10 — a godsend for a spy

Every year Google releases a new version of Android, which includes those functions that were not available before. They are called innovations. Most often, they enhance the operating system and make it more convenient. However, sometimes it happens that innovations are a double bottom and what at first taken to be the extension of functionality, in fact is almost a direct danger to the user. For example, like this.

What’s new in Android 10? Nothing good

In Android 10 introduced support for parallel access to the microphone through which to interact with it may have several applications. The developers decided that this will not limit simultaneous operation of programs that need to access the microphone permanently or from time to time. Of course, such scenarios on Android is not very much, but they still occur, and therefore, they also need to be taken into account.

How does the microphone in Android 10

Obviously, Google has taken this step to expand the scope of the Google Assistant. Because now the voice assistant can be activated even in those moments when another application is already facing the microphone, and Vice versa — even if the user interacts with the assistant, it will not be an obstacle for other tasks. Everything seemed to be cool, because Google, in fact, took a step forward in the development of multitasking on Android, but, mindful of “deravasi” operating system, I’m more sad than happy.

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Well, think for yourself. If earlier you could write only one app, but now it will be able to do at least two. If you wish, and Instagram, and Facebook will record your conversations, not to mention malicious applications, which periodically experienced by some users. Of course, in order to avoid wiretapping, Google was allowed to simultaneously record only one preferred and one standard application, but knowing how easily many give applications any privileges they are requesting, the function concurrent access to the microphone in the future can become a big problem.

Security in Android 10

In General, Google can hardly be blamed for the fact that the company is trying to improve the security of Android. On the contrary, its developers and then implemented in the new OS protection mechanisms, which search for surveillance or arbitrary applications access to the different functions of the smartphone. Another thing is that it looks like the attempts of a small child to draw something. First, he diligently works on a project, then with a sense of infinite pride in their work carries her to the parent that their child simply because should be commended, though well aware that anything beautiful or even remotely pretty in the pattern. So, in my opinion, Google is behaving like the same kid, Twas and trying to make something bearable, but not enough experience, or talent.

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