A new feature of Android will allow you to save thousands of lives

Google plans to train the device running Android with maximum accuracy to determine the user’s location, the caller in an emergency. The introduction of this technology, according to preliminary calculations of experts, will allow to save to 10 of thousands of lives annually.

At its core, the technology experienced by Google, is an analogue of AML (advanced mobile location). Developing the search giant has a more accurate positioning, providing intelligence agencies with topical information about the location in need of emergency assistance.

“Sometimes without accurate data [about the location] we are experiencing serious difficulties in finding applicants, says Jennifer Estes, head of rescue services for the district of Loudon County, Tennessee. — Also it happens that the caller either doesn’t speak English, or excitement can not tell exactly where he is.”

However, confirm that representatives of the emergency services, not all depends on Google. The obligation to transfer geolocation data falls on mobile operators, which during testing is not always able to provide transportation so important for the lives of information to employees of service of rescue.

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