A new feature of Instagram may annoy users

Are the ads on what seems to be every aspect of Instagram, feel it now and put it in a blender and exploration, where planning a social network to display ads on images and videos to Explore over the next few months, will work very much like ads in your feed the main, complete with links to “shop now”, which infect the users of the famous app of Facebook Bored and inconvenience.

Inconvenience ads Instagram

Instagram يزعج مستخدميه بخاصية أخرى جديدةInstagram annoys users with other new

Despite that you can still customize the ads according to what you want to see him, a feature enabled for marketers, but it has to be this annoying if you are accustomed to explore being a free space, it won’t be free anymore, however it is not surprising that walking Instagram on this road, which is seeking through its network to provide its profits follow the same approach of the parent company is Facebook, the shift to the for-profit sector broadly.

Although regular ads rely more on your individual tastes, but to explore the ads can spins about the direction of any trends to Apply sstore, the values are certainly on Instagram you will take advantage of that opportunity to get in on greater opportunities and more to see their ads through the users, and they certainly wouldn’t say they reject that opportunity when visiting more than half of the users to explore at least once in a month.

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