A new feature within the application of Instagram allows a documented account of globalization, the blue

ميزة جديدة ضمن تطبيق انستجرام تتيح توثيق الحساب بالعلامة الزرقاء

Facebook is working through the application to her Instagram to make him more made of those that provide them services Facebook. Which becomes in favor of the users most active on the platform Instagram.

To become able to document the account of their blue label without the need to correspondent technical support, or moving to a third-party platform.
Where Facebook is working now to disable the feature documented account of Instagram users in Australia as a step to pilot the first, to users of the application on the iOS platform specifically, with regard to the additional feature to the app to users of Android phones in the near future.

And we don’t find this feature on the app in the Arab region before the start of the new year, but its coming in anyway and to whom matter his hurry.

Documented account Instagram blue label

  • You got to go to the settings app and there you will find extra new Request Verification.
    Clicking on it will move to the page numbers that require typing the name of your form right and then attach the ” lifting” the image from the document to your drawing and here, I’m working on a copy of the passport or the document which contains your name in Arabic and English to complete the authentication process without problems.
  • Select Choose File including the upload of the document image.
  • When you complete the process of sending close a message will appear stating that Verification Request Submitted. Will be in front of you, then don’t wait until the reply by the appearance of blue label and document your account or refuse the job, for whatever reason.

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