A new loophole to force the iPhone to stop – how to protect yourself from them?

Today with us to talk about an important gap spread around the world, which is a loophole to duplicate but in a different way, where they force the system to reboot some of the apps on autism, and details with us today.

ثغرة جديدة تجبر الأيفون على التوقف - كيف تحمي نفسك منها ؟

A new loophole to force the iPhone to stop – how to protect yourself from them?

Writing in Hindi make iOS system on reboot !

As you can see in the previous image, as in the gaps earlier we told you about, the gap of the new lead to the same problems, where is a write on on the Indian in a certain way, when it arrives in any application; they force you to get out of it, and sometimes force the operating system to restart.

Applications designed in this writing which may stop working when write access to it: the messages application or any of-jQuery, Twitter, apps, notes, WhatsApp, and other applications.

To illustrate how this affects the gap of the device and what happen to her, you can watch this video:

Why these gaps are frequent in systems Apple TV?

The truth is there is no answer, but inevitably and monthly there’s a Book of a certain language-specific force system, iOS as well as Mac OS running reboot, or turn off some applications for work, and can not be accessed again.

I don’t know the truth behind it, but it’s about the structure of the operating system, and Apple TV to work in earnest to get rid of this problem permanently, and probably would do so with the system next iOS 12.

Steps to protecting your computer from infection of this problem:

1 – Do not add any contact anonymous.

2 – Do not communicate with unknown persons, and never post your number or means to communicate with you.

3 – Be sure to update to the latest versions provided by Apple.

As usual, Apple is providing a solution in the nearest time !

As quickly as usual, did not leave Apple board available loss trusted based, and promised to get rid of the problem soon, by the next update of iOS 11.3, which actually is protected from this letter that forces the system to reboot.

Where some users are experimenting the reception of the message on devices running iOS 11.3 demo, and did not get any problem of the system, but as we mentioned earlier, the on Apple to fundamentally solve the problem fundamentally.

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