A new method of cancer treatment has successfully passed the testing phase: what’s next?

In 2013, researchers from London have begun testing the drug “titcomb-vedotin” that destroys cancer cells in a whole new way. Its essence is concluded in penetration into cells and the release of pernicious toxin, which has already proven its effectiveness. In the first phase tests the drug caused serious side effects like development of diabetes and fever. They managed to neutralize a decrease in the dose and now, in 2019, the drug has shown excellent results in the second stage of testing.

Лекарство от рака

One of the main components of the drug is an antibody that quickly finds receptor called “tissue factor” and, like a Trojan horse that penetrates inside the cells. There it releases a substance called monomethyl auristatin E, which prevents their reproduction and completely destroys them.

In the first phase the drug is tested on only 27 patients, but learning to manage side effects, researchers have expanded the number of subjects to 147 people. In their number were patients with different types of the disease, which was not helped by standard therapies. The results were very good: most people were receptive to the drug and their tumors either stopped growing or even decreased.

The greatest benefits felt by people with cancer of the bladder is stabilized in 27% of volunteers. The least impact of the drug noticed women with cancer of the mucous membrane of the uterus — their share was only 7%. The effect of the drug lasted from 5.7 to 9.5 months, and among the side effects were seen only nasal bleeding, nausea and vision problems.

After receiving these results, the researchers have expanded the area of research the second phase of testing to include cancer of bowel, pancreas and cervix. If the drug shows efficacy, and this time in a few years they will start the third phase of testing. It is noteworthy that “titcomb-vedotin” is not a panacea, but claim to be the best method of treatment for patients in whom other medications do not help.

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