A new mobile Nvidia graphics cards will be released at the end of the year

A lot of rumors in recent months appeared on the new desktop Nvidia. Now a new generation GPU is called Turing. It is supposed to show whether in may or in June-July. In General, by late summer, the cards should already be on the shelves, and the only question is whether we will be able to buy them at normal prices, given the cryptocurrency fever.

Despite the fact that details about the new graphics cards no, today appeared the first information about your adaptors the next generation. The Gigabyte representative on the issue of updating one of the models of gaming laptop is the Aorus told that the update will be released only when there is a new GPU, and it should happen by the end of the year.

We are clearly talking about Nvidia, because, first, models of the Aorus current generation just use the video “green”, and second, as you remember, came into effect affiliate program Nvidia GPP. In General, the new mobile GPUs Nvidia will be released at the end of the year.

I think the first laptops to announce at CES and MWC 2019 2019, and you can buy them will be either late first quarter or early second. Given the triumph of the mobile GPU Pascal, you can already rubbing their hands in anticipation of what performance will provide new solutions.

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