A new patent from Sony suggests that the Playstation VR II may be a wire-

Playstation VR 656

Terminal PlayStation VR is a virtual reality only achieved reasonable success, relatively, with sales exceeded 3 million units, and as a whole the technique did not succeed in attracting consumers to the network, which analysts expected.

A while ago, and there is hearsay leave in the world of technology that Sony will be launching a new version of the helmet in conjunction with its home of the future Playstation 5, which was not announced officially until now.

Well, according to the new patent, the record company Sony, it seems that PlayStation VR the next one will be even wires, and is the most important update might get the glasses, and it seems that the technique will work via a processor external to address different frequencies in order to maintain a stable contact at all times.

Well, let’s see if Sony will work on the helmet virtual reality in the future.

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