A new poster of the Instagram conversation collective

Lets sticker Stories latest in Instagram for people to ask the follow-up to their joining the new group chat and then gives the poster the ability to limit who can join, join a new feature called stickers the chat, to a bunch of others, provided by Instagram in the recent period, including the ballot box, boxes, questions, references, websites, and Information Classification, countdown, and others.

Poster the conversation simple and straightforward, and Instagram by putting it as a solution for people who want to make a group conversation about something or to make plans, if someone put a sticker of a conversation on your story, may Friends click on the poster to request access to the chat, can the poster of the original then choose who they want included in the new chat, which will be in your inbox within the UAE initiative, they can then finish that chat at any time.

The main goal of asking the Instagram poster chat

Instagram يضيف ملصق متميز للغاية للمحادثة الجماعية

It seems that this feature is designed for people who interact with their real on the application of Instagram; I’m not quite sure of how to use the celebrity of the tool, maybe they can start a conversation with their fans, but that may be impractical or not in line with the target of that instrument, where the return sticker chat specifically to the time when there was no Instagram is just a tool for brands and celebrities to implement the follow-up to them, but when it was a place attended by friends and content with each other and they talked about the things they like, it is certain that there are still people who use the product this way.

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