A new problem appear in the phone iPhone X and MacBook Pro

مشكلة جديدة تظهر في هاتف أيفون X و ماك بوك برو

Think technical problems in electronic devices these days. something happen to all companies whatever their size and reputation in the market but choose a company from the other in the mechanism of dealing with the problem of the whole bearing and provide the solution free of charge or total denial and pretending not to be a problem for fear that this affects the sales of the company either in current models or the next.

Apple one of those companies that continue between now and then some of the problems that appear in its devices has Apple announced about the existence of a new problem may appear in some devices iPhone X and version with Screen 13 inch MacBook Pro the company announced that it would resolve that problem for the customers fully and completely free.

And me, Apple recently Policy repair defects that appear directly in their organs due to defects in the pieces used are completely free, especially after the high prices of its devices significantly in the recent period has reached the price of the latest iPhone to the largest distance of about 1500 $ and get over the prices of iPad this price up to about $ 1,900.

Has appeared the problem is in the phones iPhone released in 2017 of the model iPhone X only which had an estimated price of about 1000 USD, the problem lies in the lack of response the screen of the phone for sometimes as a result of an error in some of the internal components or even the response of the screen without touching the screen, the company explained that the repair of such malfunctions in the devices is simple and free of charge for the customers.

As for the problem that appeared in the Mac Book Pro they are about the loss of some stored data or to even stop the lack of response from the disk storage, and hardware items source of that problem space storage of 128 GB and 256 GB, which has been manufacturing them in the period between June 2017 to June 2018.

And don’t think that’s the first time that the Apple process of the repair and maintenance of some older models it has already last year that the company Apple is in the process of changing batteries for some models of phones iPhone old that caused the update in the operating system to reduce power consumption to deal with the age of the old batteries in reduced performance forcing the company to make a plan to change the wide.


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