A new ranking of cryptocurrencies from China. Tron took off the top and Bitcoin is losing popularity

Center of information and development of industry in China (CCID) has updated its monthly rating of the most promising cryptocurrency version of the local experts. Judging by the published data, investors from China for quite a long time, give preference to projects based on smart contracts.

In the top there were 35 of cryptocurrencies, each of which was analyzed at the technological level, the applicability in the real world and creativity. The three leaders continues to be led by EOS, second place went to Tron and the Ethereum dropped down one position compared to last month.

Than smart contracts better than Bitcoin

The Chinese are very optimistic about decentralized applications and everything connected with it. That is why projects like Tron and EOS continues to enjoy popularity in the country.

By the way, the first of them appeared in the rankings CCID only last month, however, for such a short time was able to immediately climb to the second place of the top. Tron shifted the Ethereum, but EOS still holds the championship. It lasts from June 2018.

From the point of view of technical development was the best the EOS, Tron, Bitshares, Steem and Gxchain. Experts have mentioned about Ethereum. However, improvements after the upgrade Constantinople, he had not enough to enter into the five of leaders in this category.

But the Ether of the most used in practice, it led the top 5 best crypto currency in the second category. Behind it there is the NEO, Tron, Nebulas and Ontology.

Source: Reddit

Finally, the most creative was the team of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin and Lisk. The main cryptocurrency seems to have no respect for it dropped a few points up to the fifteenth position in the ranking.

Other promising coins can be found in our cryptodata. Courses of all these coins is in the ranking of cryptocurrencies.


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