A new report claims that Amazon is still working on the Android home mobile


Has Amazon launched a selection of different products over the past few years, but Android home Mobile wasn’t one of them. There have been a few reports in the past suggest that the Amazon company is working on lengthening such as this product. Mention a new report that Amazon is still working on the robot my home, equipped with wheels, which also includes the digital assistant Alexa.

Reports news agency poor that this robot home Mobile will basically serve as a mobile version of Alexa, which will follow users throughout their homes. The report does not provide any additional details about this product, but it highlights that Amazon are still extremely keen on making this product.

It seems they wanted to launch this Android home Mobile this year, but she wasn’t ready to produce it as huge. It was reported that Amazon has pulled engineers from other projects to work on this Android mobile, which is a frequency that can Development using a range of cameras in computer vision.

It is estimated that the Amazon company is working on a new model developed from the smart speaker Amazon Echo, which could be launched in the next year. It would be smart speaker cylindrical new larger devices Amazon Echo current so that they can be installing more components inside it to provide the experience of listening to the best in general.


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