A new report claims that the system Apple augmented reality may replace the iPhone

apple glasses

Has the iPhone wave for more than a decade, like traditional phones before that, we are sure that in the end there will come a time where replacement smart phone something else. But the question is, what is the device that will replace smartphones? Well, according to a new report recently released from the location of The Information, this can be the device’s augmented reality glasses.

According to the report, it seems that Apple are looking into the possibility of establishing an alternative to the phone iPhone. It is rumored that Apple is working on a system of augmented reality since a relatively long time, and some reports that we may not see these glasses until the year 2020. The report goes on to say that Apple recently held a meeting in secret with employees where the company detail their plans for the future.

Include one of these plans, the launch of the system, and other augmented reality in 2023, which is designed apparently to be used throughout the day and aims to serve as a starting point towards the launch of the Apple device may replace the iPhone in the end. It’s report hard to believe to some extent because it is difficult to imagine that people are talking from the phone to the smart glasses.

This is because the smart glasses are still a far cry from a perfect score, we have seen how you tried to Google failed with Google Glass. Likely to be the market not yet ready for glasses smart, and this means that we will have to wait for years again, but until then, please deal with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection.


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