A new report confirms that the company Activision Blizzard will be the demobilization of a large number of employees


A while ago, and the media dealt with the news of the management changes that have occurred in the company Activision Blizzard America, and specialized in video games, such as Spencer Neuman, who has been separated from the group of active Blizzard business to Netflix, and
Amrita Ahuja that came out of the company and joined Square Inc (not square in) to get past that to the next Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter, and others.

Well, it seems that this was not only smooth the process of a massive restructuring will take place within the company that works in the version you hear more than 9800 employees, has confirmed a new report from the agency Bloomberg that the company will do massive layoffs, and that the number of employees who will lose their jobs, be their number into the hundreds!

We will follow the latest developments in the case provide more details.

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