A new report expects the launch of Facebook its currency digital ” GlobalCoin ” in the next year


Facebook is working on a digital currency of its own, claims a new report that the company will launch it sometime next year. These are referred to as digital currency within the Facebook company in the name of ” GlobalCoin“, it is expected that the company is offering more details about her sometime during the summer of this year. May be first test of the digital currency GlobalCoin at the end of this year.

According to BBC News, it will provide Facebook more information about GlobalCoin later this year. Will be available in nearly 12 countries at launch, where you will people to make payment transactions safe and affordable without the need of a bank account.

However, we will work to overcome many technical hurdles and development before they reach the market. It is estimated that Facebook is in talks with various parties that have an interest in this, including the Treasury Department and money transfer companies like Western Union on organizational and operational matters.

Although Facebook didn’t reveal really anything about its currency in digital so far, reports have indicated earlier that they will be a stable currency so that will be linked with the US dollar. What that means is that it will be linked with the American currency in an attempt to reduce the volatility often digital currencies like Bitcoin.

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