A new report highlights one of the upcoming features with the interface of Samsung One UI 2.0

Galaxy Note 10

Will Samsung about many things regarding the software at its annual developers SDC 2019 to be held in the next month. When you take a good look at the interface of Samsung One UI 2.0 new, which represent the new version of the interface Samsung to be released to its smart phones with the updated Android 10. And mentioned that, it is likely to reveal the US Samsung also announced its plans for Android 10 in this event.

As you can expect, there will be some new features that will be included in the interface of Samsung One UI 2.0 base. Now, we heard that one of these features will be the suggestions and expectations of emoji Emoji. Will add a small but fun to keyboard Samsung. This will show suggestions while typing.

This will not be a new feature entirely. There are a countless number of chat apps that are available and suggest emoji while typing. Examples of this application KakaoTalk, an application to Korea to chat and enjoy great popularity in all over Asia. The application LINE is another example.

Been bringing similar features since a long time to develop and keyboards third party. By including this feature in the keyboard native to the operating system users will have less reason to switch from the keyboard to the Samsung Keyboard.

It should be noted that in the recently leaked video shows us a first look on how it will look by Android system 10 with interface Samsung One UI 2.0 on the Galaxy S10. He showed us that video about System Gestures NEW that comes out Android 10. I slapped Google Inc. on manufacturers to bring the gestures of this development to the organs.

Doesn’t seem that the design of the interface Samsung One UI 2.0 itself has changed a lot, but given that that video was known to us a preliminary version of the updated Android 10, it is possible to change some things in the official version and the final. Generally, we will make sure everything in the next month when they reveal the Samsung for interface Samsung One UI 2.0 new at its annual conference for developers SDC 2019. Of course, the website will as usual always cover all the activities of this event.

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