A new report hints that Apple started to counter-applications that you use users to subscribe to

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The system subscriptions are a sustainable way to develop applications, where customers pay a fee on a monthly basis instead of a sales system which allows customers to pay only once. Somehow help monthly fee on stimulating developers to continue to update their apps and generate more money for them in the long run, this is why it’s no surprise to see Apple is trying to encourage developers to adopt this system in the iOS apps of their own.

Unfortunately, revealed a recent report from the website TechCrunch , some applications benefit from this feature to trick users to subscribe to applications not originally need to subscribe to, like weather apps and apps designed to read QR codes, Code and more. The good news is that it seems that Apple is already something about it, at least according to a new report recently released from the location of V3 where it seems that more than half of the applications that have been referred to in the previous report have disappeared since then from the iTunes store the App Store.

Did not know Apple on this report officially until now or talk about the claims service, but the removal of these applications indicate that Apple is aware of that and act fairly quickly in order to cope with the situation. I was supposed to care about Apple since the beginning, but due to the number of applications expected explosive in the iTunes store, the App Store, it is not hard to involve some tricks on Apple sometimes.

In fact, providing instructions for Apple TV to that of the illegal presence of such tricks and applications that contain the company that it violated its guidance core will be removed immediately. ” Will remove apps that try to cheat the users to buy a subscription under false pretenses, or engage in the practice of the temptation of the App Store App Store and may be removed from the program, Apple Developer Program “.


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