A new report indicates the sensor key accurately 12 mega pixel camera Galaxy Z Flip

Use Samsung to announce a new version of its phones folding Galaxy Z Flip in the conference Galaxy S20 to be held on 11 February, and in new leaks point out that the sensor main camera comes accurately 12 mega pixel camera.

Unlike previous leaks which indicated that Samsung is offering her phone rollaway Galaxy Z Flip sensor key accurately 108 mega pixel camera, came a new report today to this information provides new details about the specifications of the camera in the phone.

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Plans of Samsung to launch the Galaxy Z Flip in market level pricing is less than its first release phones foldable Galaxy Fold that came with the level of pricing is high up to $ 2000.

Has turned Samsung choose a clamshell design phone Galaxy Z Flip, it is also expected that Samsung is working on reducing the cost of configuring the phone to support the level of pricing is less, so the choice of sensor 108 mega pixel camera does not support Samsung in achieving this goal, and have confirmed a new report today that the sensor main phone comes accurately 12 mega pixel camera only.

Projections indicate that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be higher versions of the Samsung event scheduled to be held on 11 February, where Samsung offers the top specification in this version, so it won’t compete with the new version Galaxy Z Flip phone Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Confirmed Ishan Agarwa that the Galaxy Z Flip houses the sensor main in camera background accurately 12 mega pixel camera, while come camera front accurately 10 mega pixel camera.

Also besides the specification of the cable car choose Samsung chip Snapdragon processor 855 in the phone as an alternative to address the Snapdragon 865, how come the screen size of 6.7-inch, is expected to range from the capacity of the battery between 3300 or 3500 mAh, so we expect the launch conference of Samsung for more details about the versions of Korean giant this year.


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