A new report predicts the arrival of the first computer, a Mac with an ARM processor within 18 months

MacBook Pro 2019 ---

Rumored a while ago that Apple may be looking to launch computers Mac used ARM processors in the future. Usually tend not Apple to rely on other companies to get the ingredients, and prefer in general to do things myself whenever possible. Through Mr. in the way of the ARM, will be able to stop relying on Intel processors.

In addition, it has been seen also laptops based on ARM processors has been launched in the past, so this idea is not a figment of the imagination. However, it seems that the future-based on ARM processors may be closer than we expect. This according to the old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo, who says that during the coming 18 months, it is expected that Apple launched the first Mac uses a processor based on architecture ARM.

Expect the analyst mentioned above, the appearance of the first computer based on the ARM processor from Apple in the next 12 to 18 months, this means that this computer will be mostly in the year 2021. It is not yet clear whether this computer will be a desk or laptop, and whether it will be for sale next to existing computers with processors Intel, or whether it will replace it completely.

And for those who are concerned about the performance, I found the tests of the performance of previous processors, the Apple A Series used in iPhones, iPads and iPad performance the asymptotic performance of the computers of the MacBook Pro. There is a problem in the availability of applications, but has begun Apple already in laying the foundation using the Mac program Canalyst which helps developers bring iOS apps to the Mac.

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