A new report predicts the arrival of the sales-Ear Headphones-Free wire to 129 million units by the year 2020


The company CounterPoint Research is specialized in market research has recently published a new report talking about the future of the market ear headphones wireless real. It is estimated that sales of this type of fish at the global level will reach 129 million units by 2020, according to the latest research conducted by the company.

Attributing this company expected growth to the new model of headphones AirPods which is expected to be announced in the near future with the knowledge that it will be marketed aggressively to offset the recent decline in sales of the iPhone. At the same time, it is believed that Apple will be able to sell about 35 million units of headphones AirPods which makes a acquires 75 percent of the total market share of In-Ear Headphones wire-free.

Believes that Samsung and Bose, and Jabra and Huawei and as Bragi and LG will market wireless earbuds forward, will be to in the end a group of other big companies like Google and Amazon and Plantronics. With regard to this topic, stated the research director in the company CounterPoint Research, Mr. Peter Richardson said :

” It will be year 2019 is the year that will develop in which wireless earbuds to turn this market to market is important…, it is expected to perform general and advanced digital to promote the On-Ear Headphones-Free wiring in all over the world also. Expected to up the size of the global market for earbuds free completely of wire to 27 billion USD in value terms by the year 2021 “.

Available from digital assistants in these smart devices push the market forward, eventually leading to the refinement of other useful features such as voice guidance and interpretation and tracking vital health information. And for those who will benefit from this growing market are from the middle of lithium ion batteries, and manufacturers of components who make microphones, sensors, and tortillas, and producers of small speakers.

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