A new report proposes to harvest phone iPhone XR sales ” better than expected “

iphone xr

Phones iPhone that the Apple issued this year are no longer expensive, the price of the phone iPhone XS Max is more than 1000 USD. While there will be a request for a permanent on the iPhone, the high prices will definitely make some customers reviewing their papers, this is the reason that the senior analyst Ming-Chio Kuo believes that this may lead to the achievement of phone iPhone XR sales better than expected.

And for those who have not heard about this phone before, it is a iPhone new features an LCD screen instead of OLED, camera background one instead of cameras in order to cut costs. Has Apple priced the phone iPhone XR starting price of 750 USD, this is of course the price is not cheap at all, but it is still cheaper compared to the prices of the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Despite the fact that it features a different screen, single camera, it comes with the same technical specifications of the phone two iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, including processor, Apple A12 Bionic and Face ID to the face.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, it’s expected that Apple shipped 36 to 38 million units of the iPhone XR in the fourth quarter of this year, this represents an increase of 33 to 35 million units as part of his previous forecast. And of course don’t translate numbers shipping necessarily to actual sales, you should probably deal with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection.

Says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also that the iPhone XR will most likely get the iPhone 8, which was released last year as a cheaper alternative to phone iPhone X at the time. Whether this is true or not, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously stated that he expected to continue Apple’s use of LCD screens in phones iPhone coming next year.


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