A new report refutes the claims of the former and anticipates the advent of phone Razer Phone 3 this year

Razer Phone 2

In the past month, the frequency that the company Razer has probably cancel the series of smart phones Razer Phone. This was based on a report revealed that the company Razer has laid off some staff in the section responsible for the development of smart phones in the company. Did not confirm the company Razer fully if the abandon series phones Razer Phone or not, but now revealed report from the website DigiTimes that the phone Razer Phone 3 is not dead yet, probably.

According to DigiTimes, they have said : ” it is likely that the company Razer launched the second generation of games Phone Razer Phone, and Razer 3 in the year 2019, despite reports that it has reduced the members of the group by 20 to 30 percent, they are trying to move forward to enhance the competitiveness in smart phone market-oriented players, according to a source specialized in train “.

According to this report, the company plans to Razer just to launch the second generation of the phone Razer Phone, but plan to probably change the name of the phone to Razer 3. At the moment, we don’t know a lot about the second generation of the phone Razer Phone, but we hope to be the company Razer have learned some things with the previous two generations and address some of the problems that have been highlighted.

Although the screens of the two phones Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2 all and offer a refresh rate up to 120Hz, but these phones haven’t been perfect in some other aspects, such as the camera. If they release the phone Razer Phone 3 or rather the Razer 3, it is to be hoped that comes with the camera is much better. However, since it was the launch of the phone Razer Phone 2 in the month of October last year, we do not expect that the company Razer launched the phone Razer Phone 3 until the second half of this year at least.

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