A new report reveals important details about the iPhone coming in the years 2020 and 2021

iPhone XR

Released today a new report from analyst old Chinese Ming-Chi Kuo says that the iPhone coming next year will contain cameras TrueDepth smaller, resulting in provide the phones iPhone New those with much smaller. He explained the Chinese above-mentioned to phones Apple TV coming next year you will get a sensor smaller camera which will allow for Apple to reduce the overall size of the loan.

In addition, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also to re-design the structure to be completely different from that used in selection iPhone X and iPhone XS Series, but did not provide further details. As for the camera background, it is expected to feature rear cameras for iPhone coming next year in the justice system of the seven 7P.

If we look even further, said analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that he is expected to appear the first phones iPhone free from the pieces in the autumn of the year 2021. Thanks to recent developments in sensor and fingerprint built-in screens and cameras, will Apple finally move fully to this new episode after three years of accreditation total special episode only.

This is consistent with recent reports that Apple is planning to revive the sensor of the fingerprint Touch ID in a special version of the iPhone will be launched exclusively in China. If this is true, it will be pricing this phone at a lower price making it more competitive domestic alternatives of the Android which cost about 730 USD note that this is the price that most prefer the Chinese spend on a new smartphone.

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