A new report reveals new information about the augmented reality glasses coming from Apple

apple glasses

We have long heard rumors that Apple is working maybe on a system of augmented reality. It was planned originally to be the launch of these glasses in the year 2020, or so the rumors said the former, but it seems that there is now a chance that we don’t see at all, because Apple apparently stopped the process of developing augmented reality glasses that.

According to a new report released recently from the website DigitTimes, it appears that Apple have temporarily suspended the process of developing augmented reality glasses of its own. It is estimated that the team who was working on this project has been cancelled in the month of May has been re-assigned to work on Apple products all the other. It remains unclear what is the reason that prompted Apple to stop the process of the development of this device, but if it’s temporary, there’s a chance to resume the Apple development process at a later time.

Likely to be Apple has faced a hard time trying to create this product and bring it to the market. After all, the company Apple is not the first company to try to do so. In the past, I tried to Google to do something similar with the smart glasses Google Glass, which was amazing in terms of concept, but it was somewhat suffer from some shortcomings, prompting the company Google eventually cancel their plans.

Maybe Apple has similar problems during the process of developing augmented reality glasses, or maybe the technology that you need to make them work better is not yet available, but in both cases, it seems that we won’t see the arrival of these smart glasses any time soon.

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