A new report reveals the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9 to the market

Galaxy Note 8

We already know when Samsung will remove the curtain officially on her phone tablet upcoming flagship, the Galaxy Note 9. The company will hold a special event for this purpose in New York City on the ninth day of August next. Unless confirmed by the company until now is when will launch this phone already in the market. According to a new report from South Korea to the Launch Date of the new phone Galaxy Note 9 May Be is August 24.

Take Samsung usually two weeks to bring the device to market after it has been detected. Thus, the launch of the phone Galaxy Note 9 the 24th day of August next makes sense because it fits into that time frame.

He says the report that Samsung had informed the telecom companies in South Korea that it will launch the phone in the country today, 24 August. This will also be the date on which will the company launch the Galaxy Note 9 in the other markets, given that South Korea is always in the list of markets that get the new flagship phones from Samsung in the beginning.

You may receive telecommunications companies in South Korea, pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 9 for a period of ten days after the disclosure of the phone before its launch at the end of the day August 24. If this is indeed the case, the Galaxy Note 9 will be released two weeks ago compared to the Galaxy Note 8 that was launched on the 15th day of the month of September last year.

Did not confirm the Samsung anything about the release date of the Galaxy Note 9 at the moment, and unlikely to say anything before the ninth of August.


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