A new report reveals the probable price of the base wireless charging Apple AirPower


Apple products were not known at all as cheap, the same applies to Accessories official. That’s why we’re not surprised when we heard that the base wireless charging AirPower will be the consumer approximately $ 200. But according to a new report recently released from the location of Chongdiantou, it appears that the base wireless charging AirPower will be cheaper than that.

This new report says that Apple will demand $ 150 US dollars for the base wireless charging AirPower, and that’s what makes it cheaper by about $ 50 of the price that has been traded in the past period. However, compared with competing devices are still expensive, but there may be a reason behind its high price tag. Apart from the brand, it appears that the technology used in the AirPower is more complex compared to the technology used in wireless charging devices other.

Because of its design, apparently, decided to Apple to provide the AirPower $ 22 a roll connector, to the company, knowing that he was isolated all the rollers and studs so that they do not overlap, which also allows the surface of the charging base and fully charge devices placed on it wirelessly. He also says that the wrap connector and one good enough to charge the smart watch Apple Watch.

Was postponed the launch of AirPower since last year apparently because of the problems of high temperature. However, we have heard that Apple is preparing to launch AirPower in the near future, this may happen most likely when it comes to the Launch Date of the new generation of iPhones in September.



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