A new report reveals the size of the revenues of electronic games in 2019

According to a report issued by the analytics company games (news) and Newzoo estimates that the market for video games and electronic games world will 152.1 million in 2019, an increase of 9.6% from last year, so with the improved gaming content and networking capabilities.

He said (Peter Warren) – CEO News calls, which are taken from the Netherlands – based agency Reuters: “it is a complete convergence between the forms of digital entertainment different”. Added and that the proliferation of gaming everywhere to make them move to the tools of communication, allowing players to chat with friends, and meet new people.

A new report reveals the size of the revenues of electronic games in 2019

Referred to the fact that most social apps, IM apps, like: Facebook, application Messenger of no, in addition to the application of Wei Sha China, gives users access to many games.

According to the report (news) and released today, Tuesday, will overtake the United States during the current year on China as the largest market for gaming in terms of revenue, increased by $ 36.9 million compared to $ 36.5 million, due to growth in home games, Effect game (FT I) Fortnite in America, compared to the freezing of the Chinese government to launch new games in China.

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Said Wharton about the Chinese market: “I think it’s a temporary glitch”, because there are a lot of games in the process of waiting for approval. It is also expected to back the Japanese company to the market, in the shadow of nostalgia for the Old Games, which will return to the market new versions.

The report stated that mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets, compared to games for personal computers and gaming devices, still the largest platform, with a $ 68.5 million, or 45% of the global market.

Referred to to the new report Buy News calls – which is the ninth annual report of the No. came after a survey of more than 62,500 people during the period between the month of February, and march in 30 markets, in addition to other data sources.

The exception report revenue of e-sports, or formal competitions for video games backup. Reported the news in February that the proceeds from the sports world will amount to $ 1.1 million during the current year.


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