A new report reviews the details of the specification and the price of the iPhone 12 and materials available for the official announcement

A new generation of phones, the iPhone goes in the coming period markets, where Apple this year to launch 4 new versions of the series phones iPhone 12 that comes with a support connected to the 5G for the first time in the phones, the iPhone, and in the next lines we all came from the leaks about the specifications and the price of materials and the official announcement of the iPhone 12.

The date of the official announcement of the iPhone 12

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Move Apple often release new versions of phones and the iPhone in the first of the month of September, however, some of the obstacles facing the technology giant this year may pay the company to postpone the expected date to announce the iPhone 12.

The spread of MERS-CoV main reason to postpone the date of the official announcement of the iPhone 12, where the impact of the spread of the virus on the industrial facilities in China, which is the headquarters of the chain supplying Apple, as has been the closure of many industrial facilities, or to slow down production.

Also, despite the confirmation of some reports that Apple is preparing to launch a series of iPhone 12 on schedule, however, some tensions still maintains that Apple may be headed to postpone the official announcement until two months, particularly after the confirmation of the Apple on the possibility of postponing the launch of some versions of the series the iPhone 12 for a few weeks, i.e. until the end of September.

It also notes some of the tensions that Apple is planning for the official announcement about the iPhone 12 in October, and then the issuance of the phones in the month of November, while recalling leaks again, that the Apple will new versions of phones iPhone officially on the 9th of September, as revealed during the event for your iPad Air 5G, ┘łAirPower pad, the new generation of smart watches.

Also expected to be the iPhone 12 iPhone 12 the Max for pre-booking on the second of October, while start shipping on the 9th of October, while the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max for pre-booking on the 16th of October, to begin shipping these versions in the 23 of October.

The expected price for iPhone 12

Pointed out some leaks that recently posted that Apple offering iPhone 12 possible size 5.4-inch screen with a starting price of 749 dollars, higher than the iPhone 11 $ 50, while the projections indicate that the iPhone 12 Max possible size of 6.1-inch comes at a starting price of 800 to 850 dollars.

On the other hand, applies phone iPhone 12 Pro possible the size of 6.1 inch at a starting price of $ 999, and comes phone iPhone 12 Pro Max possible size 6.7 inch wheels at a starting price of 1099 dollars, also pointed out some leaks that Apple offered a version of the 4G iPhone 12 at a starting price of 549 dollars.

The design of the iPhone 12

Confirmed a lot of reports that Apple is planning to bring some changes in the design of the iPhone 12 to add some aesthetic touches to the design of the new Army, The among these changes are associated with the round corners in the design of the phones and also offer the new versions to the structure of the special design the flat trying to the current version of the iPad Pro.

It also notes some of the tensions that Apple back keep the design presented previously in the iPhone 4 from new, with profiles of the current versions in the design of the cable car in particular, where the camera in the unit of rectangular shape and protruding in the rear, also bring additional cameras in the settings of the camera back of camera ToF in some versions of the iPhone 12.

Also some predictions that Apple supported phones iPhone 12 this year my daughter’s top. for the front vehicle size of less thickness compared to the versions current as it comes to bump the camera. the front design example with a lower level of extrusion possible current versions. As projections indicate that Apple used the colour green Midnight in phones iPhone 12 in blue Navy new.

The camera in iPhone 12

Pointed out some of the expectations that Apple had begun to test sensor 64 mega pixel camera for iPhone 12, as indicated in some of the leaks indicate that Apple is on its way to support the camera iPhone 12 Pro upgrade great in the technique of zooming, however, the leaks did not confirm on the category camera app Periscope article in the new versions.

On the other hand, refers to that the lens will be upgraded to Number 7 of the shots in the camera of the main, however, some projections indicate that the repercussions of the spread of corona virus will be is the key to postpone the date of the announcement of iPhone 12 as a result of the delayed production of the composition of the cable car.

Also expected to offer Apple upgrade in both camera telephoto camera possible viewing angles, and supports these cameras to the pattern of night photography A of specifications that restricted the camera key in earlier versions, it is also expected to come camera possible viewing angles wide angles is greater by 35% the girl of lens F1.6, so will this camera attracted the greatest amount of lighting.

Also supports Apple camera ToF upgrade in the versions of the iPhone 2020, where it supports the scanning of the environment and objects in larger scale to support the interactive style more efficiently in the digital world.

And feature 4K video recording in slow motion from among the possible offered in camera phones the iPhone this year, as noted in the report recently published that Apple offers all iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max with 4K video recording at 240 frames per second, i.e., the performance of the best 8 times thanks to the efficient processor Apple A14 new.

Also among the features available in a camera of this general sensor LiDAR, which is expected to offer Apple sensor time-of-flight in the new version of the one series of phones iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Pro Max, is expected to come sensor LiDAR in the farthest corner from the bottom to the right of the settings of the camera.

The screen refresh rate in phones iPhone 12

Confirming the leaks that came so far that Apple supports all versions of iPhone 12 screen OLED, as it confirms a lot of the analysts that Apple used screens LCD screen AMOLED in four versions of phones iPhone which offers from Samsung and LG.

On the other hand, I still have mixed opinions about the update rate in a series of phones iPhone 12, where some suggest that Apple offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz in the versions this year to support Technology ProMotion as in your iPad Pro tablet, but some reports still emphasizes that Apple will not offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz this year.

Processor chip in iPhone 12

Provide Apple versions of the new phones the iPhone new generation of processors always, and no different this year, also supporting Apple iPhone 12 chip processor A14 new features to accurately manufacture 5 nm, as well as supporting new versions consume less energy with the performance of the top, where some suggest recording of that performance the next generation of phones the iPhone will rise to the level of the MacBook Air thanks to a processor chip A14 new.

Also expected according to the arrangements of the last to offer Apple four versions of the iPhone 12 with the 5G, it also provides Apple two versions with a call to networks 4G, which will be limited to the possible versions of a smaller size in the screen,

The battery in the iPhone 12

Reports published so far indicate that Apple offers the records of the new phones iPhone 12 the capacity of the battery as follows:

  • IPhone 12 possible size of 5.4 inches and the battery capacity of 2227 mAh
  • IPhone 12 Max possible size of 6.1 inches and the battery capacity of 2775 mAh
  • IPhone 12 Pro the size of 6.1 inch and a battery capacity of 2775 mAh
  • IPhone 12 Pro Max her.7 inch battery capacity of 3687 mAh.

Recall that Apple does not provide earphones in the box your phones iPhone 12 this year according from the leaks so far, as projections indicate that Apple is aiming this new change to push users to new versions buy headset AirPods wireless.


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